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A veggie-free sensation.
A veggie-free sensation.

After a long day of hiking, there’s nothing better for an unvegan than beer and greasy food. Luckily, just a few steps from my hotel in Lake Tahoe, there was a nifty little joint called McP’s Irish Pub & Grill.

We took our seats in the upstairs and outdoors dining area, just outside the doors of a small performance. As we looked at our menus, there was a small child dancing like a crazy person to the sound of the music from within. This was infinitely more entertaining than the menu, but food had to be ordered. There was plenty of good-looking food on the menu, and eventually I decided to get the BBQ Beef Sandwich.

As I waited, I sipped on my beer and enjoyed the music coming from inside the place. The dancing child entertained until she went inside the bar to get closer to the band. Not sure why her parents let that happen, but I’m not one to interfere in the growth process, unless it involves ending the growth of a tasty animal.

My BBQ sandwich ended up tasting pretty good. In fact, it leaned a bit towards the Philly Cheese Steak end of the sandwich spectrum, despite having a distinctly BBQ-ey flavor. Fries would have gotten along with it better than chips, but I was still pretty happy with my meal.