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Stupid stupid celery
Stupid stupid celery

The Green Mill (affectionately referred to as “The Mill”) in Duluth is a place I have to visit every time I’m in the area. It not only has good food and drinks, but it has a great happy hour as well. What used to be 1/2 price appetizers and wings has now become 5 bucks. This isn’t such a big deal, since the prices are still so low.

Through many visits, I finally discovered the best that The Mill has to offer, Dixie Wings. These are wings with a buffalo-like sauce that stings the mouth, but always leaves me wanting more. The Mill is also one of the few places where I opt for boneless wings versus the much manlier wings with bones. For some reason, the Dixie Wing sauce just seems to work so much better with boneless wings.

The only disappointing thing, which I encounter almost every time I order wings of any sort, is the additional veggies. I’m sorry, but I don’t need celery to cool down my mouth after eating hot wings. That’s what beer is for. Luckily these stalks of green had no impact on the taste of my food, other than making my plate look slightly less appetizing.