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Oh hey Frank's.
Oh hey Frank’s.

In a little part of town called Allentown (not that Allentown) lies a place known to have some of the best chicken wings in Buffalo. It’s called Gabriel’s Gate, which likely has some sort of heavenly connotations. And if heaven is filled with chicken wings, I will do my damnedest to get there. It was easy to get a seat at the bar to eat and after a conversation with the bartender my buddy and I decided what to order.

Winning onions.
Winning onions.

The bartender informed us that their hot sauce was simply Frank’s Red Hot. This was somewhat disappointing, but I still had to have these legendary wings so we ordered 10 hot, 10 BBQ and some onion rings to join them.

To start, the onion rings were pretty tasty, with a crisp outside and soft inside that I find to be the best part of some of my favorite fries. Moreover, the onions inside were fried to a perfect level that not only were they softened, they all came away with a clean bite instead of somehow getting pulled out.

Still not standing out.
Still not standing out.

As for the wings, the hot were pretty nice. Of course, the flavor was nothing special, but they were pretty full and had a nice crisp to their outer crust. I would have loved for the flavor to be more unique in such a way that I could not make them at home, but at least they were prepared better than I probably could have. The BBQ sauce was also pretty good, but similarly did not necessarily stand out in flavor. Again, great preparation, but not the kind of wings I would run around calling the best in Buffalo.

Gabriel’s Gate was somewhat disappointing on the wing side, but if their preparation of the wings carries over into how they prepare the rest of their food, they can’t go wrong.