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Lunch box.
Lunch box.

While searching for fried chicken not from Kentucky, my coworker and I found ourselves at Donahoo’s Golden Chicken in Pomona. From the outside, Donahoo’s looks like it may have been abandoned years ago, but inside there is a smell of golden fried deliciousness. Of course, it is a very small inside, with no seating whatsoever and food only served in boxes to go.

I asked the man behind the counter which sort of box I should get and surprisingly he recommended the chicken strips. This surprised me because usually chicken is better with bones, but I ordered the six-piece set and choseĀ fries, mashed potatoes, buffalo sauce, ranch and a home-made roll. It was a beautiful sight to see and an even more beautiful thing to taste.

Amazingly boneless.
Amazingly boneless.

The tenders were nice and juicy, with a great tasty crisp in the batter. I also really enjoyed the buffalo sauce, which was pretty unique for buffalo sauce. The fries were quite amazing, while the mashed potatoes were pretty much what you might expect. The roll was bursting with buttery flavor and ultimately I couldn’t finish the entire box.

Nonetheless, this meal put me into a most delicious coma – one that can only be accomplished through eating fried chicken such as Donahoo’s.