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Further Fusion at Kabob Express

Not flashy

Joining the flashy and stylish trucks at the Haiti Fundraiser was an old-fashioned looking truck called Kabob Express. Fusion is a pretty big part of these trucks and Kabob Express has embraced that with their Mexi-Terranean fusion. Mexican and Mediterranean food is kind of a fusion match made in food heaven. Schwarma is awesome and that succulent meat can be thrown in pretty much anything to make it taste better. Kabob Express knew that and took advantage of it by offering schwarma in tacos and burritos. Hoping to save room for more food, I ordered myself a Mexi-Terranean taco.

Ok, maybe there is a lot of cilantro. But look at all that chicken!

This fused food came with chicken schwarma, hummus, cilantro, spicy tahini sauce, tomato and onion. I ordered it without those last two unvegan offenders and waited a minute for the taco. When it came, the thing was loaded up. It came with a fork shoved in it, which was nice, because the insides kept flowing out. It also came with some tzatziki sauce for some extra flavor if necessary. I started eating and realized that yes, this was some awesome fusion. It was kind of like a bite-sized chicken schwarma sandwich, but with a great little kick of sauce. Perfect for street-eating.

Only after finishing the taco and getting in line for the next truck did I realize that I had never paid for my taco. The thing was only $1.75 and all this was for a fundraiser, so as soon as I could, I headed back and paid up. The guy inside was certainly happy, and so was I, because it was certainly worth the money.