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I call this sandwich.
I call this sandwich.

Randomly placed in California, Washington and Illinois is a sandwich cafe called Specialty’s. Why it is placed so sporadically throughout the United States is surely a question someone in their strategy team can answer, but for me the only thing that matters is that when I needed a quick bite in Bellevue, Washington, Specialty’s was there for me.

With the option to order via iPad or human, I chose the digital and scrolled my way to discover their BBQ Beef sandwich. Served on ciabatta bread, this sandwich came with bacon, cheddar, coleslaw and the namesake BBQ sauce and beef. The iPad doohickey made it super simple to order without the slaw and after transacting I simply waited for my number to be called.

The result left me literally nothing to complain about or anything to praise either. It was a plain and simple sandwich with no mistakes and nothing to impress either. Essentially, exactly the non-threatening type of food you would want to order to an office lunch meeting. Not special, but definitely something that will be around for a long time.