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Egg burger don't fail me now.
Egg burger don’t fail me now.

Tucked into the back end of Strip District, a warehouse/ethnic grocery store area in Pittsburgh, is a place called Kaya. Part of the Big Burrito Group that seems to run a big portion of the Pittsburgh food scene. Kaya bills itself as island cuisine, but really has a bit of everything. Including burgers, which I heard were quite delicious, so I clearly had to get one.

The Kaya Burger was topped with bacon, avocado, pickles, tomato, Chihuahua cheese, a sunny side up egg and “Kaya sauce.” It also came with a choice of sweet potato fries, waffle fries or some kind of dirty salad. Being a lover of waffle fries, I went for those and made sure to order the burger without the pickles and tomato that would surely ruin the whole situation.

It turned out to be nearly a damn good burger. I say nearly because everything except the actual burger, which spent a bit too much time on the grill. It was big, but brown all the way through. Aside from that, each ingredient was prepared perfectly, right through to the waffle fries that were awesome.

If only they could actually get the patty right, this burger would have been incredible. Without that, it was all style, not so much substance.