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Oh sweet bacon...
Oh sweet bacon…

Sometimes all you need is a quick and easy, uncomplicated meal in your neighborhood. Something good and American. And when you’re about to see the movie Chef, it has to be filling as well. Enter: Murray Avenue Grill in Squirrel Hill. The menu isn’t too big, but everything on it looks good and everyone in the place looks like they have lived in the neighborhood for the last 50 years. I wasn’t planning on doing the whole burger thing, but I couldn’t resist when I saw the options.

In choosing between a special and their Canonsburg, the waitress told me the Canonsburg was her favorite and I chose to trust her. After all, it isn’t hard to trust someone telling you to get a burger with blue cheese, bacon and buffalo sauce. I ordered medium-rare, without veggies and stuck with fries on the side. I wasn’t prepared for what came next, which was a pretty damn good burger.

Pretty in pink.
Pretty in pink.

The bacon was thin, but cooked to a crispy and twisty state, while the burger itself was medium-rare to perfection, although for some reason not terribly juicy. The sauce and blue cheese were exactly as they should be and the fries made for a nice side. Truly, I couldn’t have expected much more. Yeah, I guess the patty could have been juicier, but this was my quick and easy meal, not some gourmet burger destination.

I left much more satisfied than I expected and made my way into Chef knowing that no matter how good the food would look, my stomach would be rumble-free.