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Red Robin, Green Lettuce


Casual dining chains are a weird thing. Applebee’s gets a bad rap, but somehow Chili’s seems to be immune from negativity. Then there are places like Olive Garden and Red Robin that people sincerely love. It’s a strange world. But after a few people in my life talked about the goodness of Red Robin’s burgers (myself having not eaten there since the age of 10), I found myself at one of those restaurants and in need of a burger (as always).

Admittedly, I was impressed by the amount of burgers to choose from. It made things difficult, but I settled on the classic Bacon Cheeseburger, ordering it medium rare and without lettuce and tomatoes. I stuck with fries as my side and was delighted to be reminded of their bottomless fries. When the burger came, I must say I was not at all amused by the actual (not at all gimmicky) bottomless cup of fries because I was too distracted by the large pile of lettuce inside my burger.

And this wasn’t some big leafy lettuce that could be easily removed. No, this was chopped up lettuce and pretty much impossible to fully remove because it had dug itself in with the cheese. I did the best I could, but alas I could only do so much. But honestly, it didn’t really matter because the burger itself was pretty forgettable. The meat was definitely not medium rare and it was also not juicy at all. Probably the only things that kept it edible were the cheddar and the bacon, which are pretty hard to mess up.

Fries were good, but in the end if I don’t see another Red Robin for 20 years you won’t hear me complaining.