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Oh I get it.
Oh I get it.

Industry Public House is pretty much the first gastropub I have come across in Pittsburgh. This is shocking, because I have been here for more than 9 months and I couldn’t go more than 9 blocks in the last city I lived in without coming across one. And, as much as I tired of every new gastropub’s attempt to find unique craft beers and craft burgers, I must say I was happy to find both at Industry Public House.

So, with a Bell’s Oberon to drink, I went ahead and ordered their Farmed Out Burgher. And no, that is not a typo. Because I live in Pittsburgh. Get it? Alas, this burger came topped with white cheddar, wild boar bacon, a fried egg and BBQ sauce. I ordered medium-rare, got some fries on the side and also made sure to confirm with the bartender that there would be no vegetables on my burger. Alas, I made the fateful mistake of not confirming that there wouldn’t be a pickle on the side, because lo and behold when my burger arrived I found one. And not only was it on the side, it was atop numerous fries now soaked in pickle juice that would have to be sacrificed to the white walkers.

A very public burger.
A very public burger.

But once I got past this, I found myself face-to-face with an exquisitely prepared burger. The egg was nice and runny, the bacon was crispy (and just like any other bacon despite originating in a wild boar) and the meat was nice and pink inside. It was also so juicy that I wished I had a Burger Lift and was relegated to placing the burger atop my fries between bites. And while the burger was prepared perfectly, it also came with a price I had once grown used to at such establishments. The only difference, I suppose, is that I expect to pay less for such a burger in Pittsburgh than I did in Los Angeles. Yes, I know this is biased, but it is how I feel and I stand by it.

So while Industry Public House did treat me well, I also recognized that it couldn’t be a regular eating establishment for me. Unless, of course, I get a hankering for great preparation at an equally great price.