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An unassuming burger.
An unassuming burger.

San Clemente is a quaint little town on the California coast that is definitely worth a visit. And if you make it down there, you could do a whole lot worse than a visit to H.H. Cotton’s, a gastropub right in the middle of town. We wound up there completely by accident, but then isn’t that the way many great stories begin?

While the little one was distracted by football, I went ahead and ordered The Longhorn, based on my waitress’s recommendation. The Longhorn, by the way, is a burger topped with bacon, chopped brisket, crispy shallots, cheddar and BBQ sauce. As for my side, I opted for fries. Try out the Phentermine alternatives.

It's what's on the other side that counts.
It’s what’s on the other side that counts.

When it arrived it looked pretty basic. Just a nice, reasonable burger topped with a reasonable amount of delicious toppings. But then I turned my plate around and was greeted with what looked like a bun vomiting out toppings. Like, in a good way. This burger turned out to be filled to the brim with unvegan goodness. It was all I could do to stem the tide and begin the feeding.

It turned out that there was nothing to complain about with the burger. Each flavor shone through in delicious meaty, cheesy or fried up glory. It wasn’t easy to eat, but I did it with gusto. The burger was even cooked medium-rare.

The Longhorn doesn’t exactly earn points for creativity, but it was certainly a well-executed beast (or combination of beasts) and I am a sucker for a load of meat. Regardless, it was definitely the best burger I’ve had in Orange County, which should mean something, right?