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Enough with the bread already.

In North Hollywood there is a little sandwich place with a ’50s theme called Philadelphia Sandwiches. I’m not sure how Elvis and cheese steaks are related (unless it’s a fluffernutter cheese steak), but somehow they have managed to coexist since the sandwich shop was started in the ’80s. Specializing in Philly Cheese Steaks, I figured the place at least deserved a shot at meaty glory.

Let’s see you from the inside.

The place was set up like a diner, but without the bar stools. Ordering was at a counter, and since the place was pretty empty, I walked right up to the counter to place my order. Although they had a few different sandwiches, I chose their Famous Philly Cheese Steak. It came with onions and a choice of cheese. I got mine without the onions and then, since they didn’t have cheese wiz, chose provolone cheese. I also got a side of fries. Unlike fast food sandwich shops, after placing my order, they set to work on actually cooking my meal.

The fries were generic, but acceptable.

I could smell the delicious meat cooking on the griddle and then my meaty sandwich was ready for some tasting. I opened up the wrapping and it looked pretty good. There was a high bread to meat ratio, but since this was the end of the sandwich I was looking at, I was forgiving. I unwrapped it down to the middle, where it was cut in half and the bread to meat ratio seemed to improve a bit, but not much. I bit in and found the seasoning on the meat was delicious. The bread was pretty fresh, but a little bit spongy. I also was a little disappointed in the provolone cheese. It wasn’t that the provolone was bad, but that the sandwich would have been better with cheese wiz instead. At the very least, I could have chosen American, but had failed to do so.

Nonetheless, Philadelphia Sandwiches was pretty tasty. It certainly wasn’t the best Philly Cheese Steak I’ve ever had and won’t be unless they tone down the amount of bread and start offering cheese wiz, but it’s a good alternative to the same old sandwiches you can get at fast food shops any other day.