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Tacos Por Favor, Please

Super Tacos at Tacos al Pastor #2

Super thanks for asking!
Super thanks for asking!

The world may be full of Mexican restaurants, but little taquerias are kinda confined to certain parts of the USA. Fortunately, while in San Jose we happened upon a place called Tacos al Pastor #2. The whereabouts of #1 are unknown, but the thought was that any taqueria deserving of a sequel was deserving of my stomach.

I decided to get some of their Super Tacos, which were like regular tacos, except bigger, badder, filled with beans and topped with avocado. Yeah, super is definitely the right word. They also came with a choice of meat and topped with pico de gallo. I wanted none of that pico, but everything else looked good and I opted for one asada and one al pastor (because I mean I kinda had to order the taqueria’s namesake).

The result was unquestionably beautiful and also the biggest tacos I had ever seen. Each one of these guys was nearly burrito-sized and I had my work cut out for me. They were served like a Cali hamburger with wax paper holding in the backside, but I still knew I was going to make a mess. Like usual, I was right, but mess or not these were pretty good tacos. The al pastor had some great flavor, but the carne asada could have used some more seasoning. They also suffered from some sauteed onions that slipped in, but they were mostly liquid at this point and I couldn’t justify picking them out.

In all, Tacos al Pastor #2 served me well. The tacos were a breath of fresh air, as was the general existence of the place after spending six months away from the west. It is definitely a good place to have in your neighborhood, but at least in California not exactly a destination.