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Volcanic Eats at Osha Thai

An ocean of Thai.
An ocean of Thai.

What do you do when you’re stuck in San Francisco’s Financial District late at night and looking for an actual meal? I sure as hell didn’t know the answer, but my friends guided me to Osha Thai, a place that apparently has multiple locations, but the one we went to was ready and willing to take in a sizable crew. After a lengthy debate about what to eat, who wanted to be a part of the family-style and how I was going to get my share of meat, we made our order.


Why tofu? Why?
Why tofu? Why?

hat order turned out to be Volcanic Beef, Pad Thai, Panang Curry, Crab Fried Rice and a crazy dessert. The short story is that it was all delicious. The long story is this:

The Volcanic Beef was steak, onion rings, basil, black pepper and lava sauce. Of course, the sauce wasn’t real lava but it definitely had a good kick to it. The beef was cubic, tender and flavorful…just like a volcano. The Pad Thai was…well…Pad Thai. It is what it is. And in this case my friends went with tofu as the protein, so I kind of avoided it.

The Panang had a real Thai kick.
The Panang had a real Thai kick.

The Panang Curry was a big hit for the crowd in my seat (aka me). It was just the right amount of spicy for a white person, which meant that it may have even made a Thai person feel some of a kick. Maybe not a big kick, but still something. The Crab Fried Rice was also a winner in that this dish was made with real crab. And I don’t just mean it wasn’t imitation crab, I mean there were literally claws in the rice that had to be cracked open to rip the delicious invertebrate flesh out.

Don't be crabby.
Don’t be crabby.

And of course there was the dessert. I truly wish I lived in a world where I was a responsible enough food blogger to remember the name, but I chose to rely on the Osha Thai menu online and it completely failed me. But I can say that it was good and if you get a chance to go, just show them my picture and ask them to make it. How could they say no to that?

What...are you?!
What…are you?!

Osha Thai turned out to be a pretty tasty meal. I can’t say it was the best Thai I’ve ever had, but I was impressed by the interesting twists that made it more than just your average upscale ethnic eatery. There’s a good reason the place is all over San Francisco.