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Objects in picture are smaller than they appear.
Objects in picture are smaller than they appear.

Looking to once again find a winning Taco Tuesday, I headed to The Spanish Kitchen near West Hollywood to see what they had to offer.

What they had to offer was pretty impressive. They had a huge selection of tacos ranging from adobo grilled chicken to spicy shrimp and all were priced at 2 bucks. At the time, each meat automatically came with its own salsa, but I see now that the menu offers every salsa with every meat so the eater can customize to their heart’s content. Despite not having this option before, they still had some fun-looking tacos.

I decided to get one taco with shredded chicken and pineapple habanero salsa and a steak taco with salsa roja. Also, being happy hour, we wanted to take advantage of their $5 appetizers and ordered some guacamole. The guacamole came first and was a sign of things to come. It arrived in a tiny little bowl not even worth photographing. Had we not rationed our portions of it, it would have fit well on about three chips. Confused at how this could possibly be worth $5, we checked the regular menu price and found that it was priced at $9. Further confused, we asked the waiter if perhaps our size was different since it was cheaper. He told us it was the same size and then proceeded to spin us a tale about the rise in avocado prices. Perhaps the rise in prices was true, but I have never seen such a small amount of guacamole sold for such a steep price. I was just happy it wasn’t full price, because I may have refused to pay the bill.

The tacos came soon after, and matched the diminutive size of the guacamole. Had the waiter not been over six feet tall, I would’ve thought I had wandered into some sort of micro-world. The tacos seemed to be even smaller than the smallest taco truck tacos in the world. Taquito probably wouldn’t be sufficient enough to describe the size of these.

To make things worse, the tacos were actually quite good, which meant after I ate them in two bites, I wanted more, but I wasn’t willing to shell out more money for the munchkin tacos. In general, I’m happy to pay the price for superior food, but on taco Tuesdays I expect to get some healthy-sized food on the cheap and The Spanish Kitchen did not deliver.