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The Habit I Can Get Used To

Literally out the door.
Literally out the door.

The most exciting food news to hit El Segundo since Chipotle is most certainly The Habit. Taking over the dilapidated former building of the Grand Cafe, The Habit put up signs months ago and began renovations. Just this week they opened for business, and I knew it was time for me to see what The Habit was all about.

When I arrived, the line was coming out the door. I hoped and prayed that the line would move fast and my wish was granted. In only five-ish minutes I was at the counter and ready to order. The menu is pretty basic if you stick to burgers, but they also offer salads and other non-burger sandwiches. On the menu, the burgers are called charburgers, which really leaves the impression that they will be overcooked. I hoped this wouldn’t be true and ordered the BBQ Bacon Char. Cheese cost me an extra 50 cents, which I wouldn’t have noticed if they had just added the change to the regular price, but since they didn’t I was a little upset. Honestly, who (without a lactose intolerance) orders a burger

I know there's beef somewhere in there
I know there’s beef somewhere in there

without cheese these days? By default, the burgers included mayo, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and caramelized onions. I ordered mine without any of those offensive toppings, then ordered fries and a chocolate malt.

There was about a ten minute wait before they called my number, but I was happy to find that the burger was exactly as I had ordered it. The meat was pretty good and not at all charred. The bacon was nice and crisp, just the way I like it. I was a bit disappointed by the overall size of my burger, which would have to be a lot thicker to quench my meaty appetite. The fries were cooked unvegan the habit 3perfectly, despite being a little over-salted. The malt was actually pretty disappointing, as it tasted virtually the same as a milkshake should have. For the extra 50 cents that it cost me to get the malt, they should have put in a much heftier amount of malt powder.

In all, despite the diminutive scale of the burger, I left The Habit fully stuffed. And the best part was that the whole meal cost me less than 10 bucks. In fact the receipt came out to exactly $9.99 including tax. Not too shabby.