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Nothing compliments a sandwich quite like fries.
Nothing compliments a sandwich quite like fries.

Situated just off the main stretch of downtown El Segundo is The Hummus Factory. The name is really false advertising because it certainly is not a factory and also makes a lot more than just hummus. To be precise, they should have named it The Middle-Eastern Restaurant.

When it came time to order, I chose the Chicken Kabob Sandwich, which I assumed would be like schwarma. The only things that stood in my path to an unvegan lunch were cabbage and pickles, which I made sure to order without. The sandwich also came with salad or fries and I (surprisingly) opted for the fries. To top it off, I got a side of hummus in the expectation that the rest of my food would not quench my unvegan hunger. That proved to be a wise choice.

When I got my food, it was pretty not bad, but the sandwich was severely lacking in garlic sauce. I don’t know if this is some sort of LA thing, but I’ve noticed these Middle-Eastern restaurants just don’t put enough effort into the garlic flavoring in their sandwiches. Of course, they offer sides of garlic sauce, but there should always be enough in it initially to make me happy. The saving grace, not surprisingly, was the hummus, and for a restaurant called The Hummus Factory, it better be.