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Green-free schwarma.
Green-free schwarma.

A friend of mine recommended Gaby’s Mediterranean in Palms, so I thought I would check it out. They have a great outdoor seating area, so I was sure to grab one of those tables to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having in LA.

When I arrived and took a look at the menu, I was a little taken aback. Despite having many countries along its coast, I have always associate Mediterranean food with being predominantly Greek. Of course, Mediterranean could cover anything from Spanish to Egyptian, and in this case, I found the food to be quite Lebanese. I was surprised because I typically consider Lebanese food to be Middle-Eastern, but I was also happy because I’ve always liked Lebanese food. Did I say Lebanese enough in the last few sentences?

I ordered the Chicken Schwarma Sandwich, and since the menu fails to mention any ingredients besides the chicken and the “distinctive dressing” (supposedly a garlicky sauce), I asked if it came with any other vegetables. She said it came with salad and pickles inside, which I promptly told her I didn’t want. Such a shame when the menu fails to include all the ingredients, especially when they are as vile as pickles and salad. I also got some fries to accompany my sandwich.

When the sandwich came, it was just as I ordered it, but I found that the dressing was extremely light, if it was there at all. The chicken was yummy and meaty, but more sauce would’ve really helped the sandwich along. I took some comfort in the fact that my friend ordered her schwarma with vegetables and felt like there were very few. Thank you Gaby’s for not overdoing the vegetables. It’s nice to know that if I had made the mistake of forgetting to order without veggies, it would have been a relatively easy picking job. The fries, by the way, were great. For my sake though, next time I’ll be sure to get more sauce to make the experience as tasty as possible.