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Turkish Delight at Cafe Turko

Turk meat.
Turk meat.

Genuine Turkish food isn’t exactly easy to find. Sure, other Middle Eastern food seems to be everywhere, but it’s not often you come across pide, or the word “kebab.” Cafe Turko in Seattle’s Fremont area though, is one of those places. With a menu that is nearly unpronounceable to an American, I knew I had found a good place. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I was with a Turk who vouched for the authenticity of many of the dishes.

With many delicious options to choose from, I ended up picking the Sultan Kebab. This consisted of sliced up lamb/grilled doner kebab with a garlic yogurt sauce, pita and rice. The kitchen seemed to run out of a fair amount of ingredients for my friends, but my dish managed to survive the rationing and when it came out it looked quite pretty, along the lines of what I had seen in actual Turkey.

It also tasted quite delicious. The meat itself practically melted in my mouth and had been spiced to perfection. I would have liked to see some more yogurt sauce, but it was also a delight for the taste buds. Truly, the only downside was that some of the plate had been wasted by a vegetable garnish. I don’t know why the restaurant thought this was a good idea, but they went to waste.

Fortunately, the food was good enough to make the vegetables a small issue. Cafe Turko was definitely a place to visit for anyone interested in the edible delights of Turkey.