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Beer Me Some Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve

Henry's private parts.

In my continuing quest to find the perfect beer for every occasion, I happened Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve. Further research has taught me that Henry Weinhard’s has a history even older than my beloved Leinenkugel’s. I also learned that the beer is affectionately called Henry’s (as though you could call a beer anything not affectionate). Described as a Classic Northwest Lager on the label, I hoped the Private Reserve would be good for the situation I was in – namely, I wanted good beer, but I was pretty full for dinner. I had no desire for a Coors Light-esque beer, but don’t get me wrong, I know the Silver Bullet has its place. At $9.99 for a twelve pack, Henry’s was definitely worth a try.

When I popped the first bottle open and took a sip, I found a pretty tasty beer. It was definitely a light-tasting lager, with a nice, crisp hint of bitterness. Although I have no actual connection to the Northwest, specifically the state of Oregon that Henry’s comes from, I found myself really connecting with Private Reserve. It was a little too heavy for me to pick up any sort of drunk off of the beer, but I could definitely kick back on a rainy day, watch a classic film and drink these guys into oblivion.