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‘Buddy’s Pizza’

Back Home at Buddy’s

Rectangular is the new round.
Rectangular is the new round.

A friend of mine and I have a longstanding tradition that every time I head home to Michigan, we make a special trip to Buddy’s Pizza in Farmington Hills, a Detroit suburb. The most recent trip was even more special because I hadn’t been home for a solid nine months, and because Buddy’s had recently been ranked one of the top 25 pizza places in the country.

We took a seat at their relatively new outdoor seating. Being regulars, we had no need to look at the menu and ordered our usual, a large pepperoni pizza. To accompany our pizza, we ordered a round of drinks indigenous to the area. My friend got a Labatt Blue, imported from across the river in London, Ontario, Canada, while I ordered Bell’s Oberon, from the Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Bell’s is a special brewery that doesn’t have too much distribution outside of Michigan, while their Oberon is only brewed during the summer. Combine those and you have a truly rare beer that I was especially happy to be ingesting at Buddy’s.