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Al Michaels is truly a man after my own heart. Although I have never met him, I have seen him on hundreds of sports broadcasts. Until recently, I only thought of him as a great broadcaster, but new information has recently come to light. A friend has just alerted me to a story about this man who has now become a legend to me. In a recent interview at “The Big Lead,” the following transpired:

You are not a fan of vegetables. But if you must have two on your plate, they are? I have never eaten a vegetable in my life and you can put that on my tombstone. Ask John Madden about the night I ordered French Onion soup in Green Bay and asked them to hold the onions. They got it right Рjust the broth, cheese and crouton. Delicious. If you threatened me at gunpoint and insisted I have two on my plate, one would look like a big, juicy Porterhouse and the other would look eerily similar to lemon meringue pie.

What a guy! Thank you Al, for bringing unveganism into the national spotlight. I’m so tired of hearing stories about vegan athletes and vegetarian color commentators. Finally, someone has been man enough to talk about eating the right way. You have lived a life that unvegans like myself can only dream of. Thank you, Al, you are a true Unvegan Hero.