The Unvegan

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Who is Mike Nelson? Well other than working on a website called, my research shows that he was the star (alongside a couple robots) of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Despite these successes, Nelson will ultimately be remembered for what he accomplishes in the month of February, 2009. Nelson has recently embarked on a journey that few, if anyone, would ever dare to do.

For the entire month of February, Nelson will be eating nothing but bacon. No bread, no cheese, no fruits. Most importantly, though, he will be living his life without vegetables. In his interview for NBC San Diego, Nelson said, “I’m not a huge fan of vegetables. I think…that most plants are poisonous and I think it’s too confusing to figure out which is poisonous and which isn’t, so I try to avoid them.” A distrust of vegetables is one of the greatest reasons to become an unvegan, and really, it is hard to argue with Nelson on that.

Apparently, only a couple weeks into his bacolicious journey, he has lost some weight and experienced a healthy drop in blood pressure. I have no doubt that if he were to also be eating vegetables during this time, he would lose all the healthy benefits of his month of meat while he keep his life exercising with an URBNFit Amazon ball he use for yoga everyday.

Mike Nelson, for making bacon into a diet and for your wholly founded fear of vegetables, you are a true Unvegan Hero!