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Well, why not?
Well, why not?

While reading the most recent issue of Newsweek, I came across a full-page ad that simply could not be ignored.

Blogworthy. And why not? Oscar Mayer has always made fantastic meat products. Has a child ever grown up in America without having at least one Oscar Mayer meat on a sandwich? If not, they were truly deprived. They have two of the greatest jingles in television history. And the Wienermobile, a motor vehicle dedicated entirely to the advancement of meat. Who else can say that?

The company founded by Oskar Ferdinand Mayer has become an unvegan staple and I expect their newest product to carry on the good name. An in-depth look at the flatbread in the ad provides no trace of vegetables. Blogworthy indeed.

For creating such yummy meaty products, making jingles that stick in our heads for days and having the gusto to make a Wienermobile, Oscar Mayer, you are a true Unvegan Hero!