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Destination: Namibia

It looks like I’ve found the next stop on my quest for a meaty utopia. No, not Taco Bell. This time I hear a whole country calling my name: Namibia!

According to an eye-opening article from WHL, Namibia sounds like a paradise on Earth. It is entitled Namibia: A Truly Meat-Loving Country, by Rachel Harlech-Jones. In the article, Harlech-Jones writes about how the country didn’t even seem to know what a vegetarian was when she first went to Namibi (apparently they now know what a vegetarian is, but “still do not really know why vegetarians exist.”) This has nothing to do with a bad language exchange since their official language is English. Rather, they are just my type of people, constantly confused by people who don’t want to eat meat.  To drive the point home, she recounts the following story:

Having ordered some kind of vegetarian salad, I discovered it had bits of bacon in it. When I queried this, the waitress and chef seemed confused. In their minds, bacon, particularly small bits of it, did not constitute meat, and the chef had only added them to make the salad edible.

It sounds like some sort of fantasy land. A place I had only imagined in dreams. As a bonus, they don’t limit themselves to boring livestock, but eat a lot of game meats caught out in the wild. Strange meats galore!

The climate of Namibia is simply not made for growing vegetables. I love the diversity of climates available in the US, but sometimes I just wish none of them were compatible with growing vegetables. What a wonderful country this would be. Instead, I can only hope for the day that I make it to Namibia, the unvegan wonderland.

(via WHL)