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You better respec'
You betta’ respec’

I have just learned (albeit a bit late) that today is International Respect for Chickens Day (IRCD). My sixth sense must have told me, though, as I chose to write about Zankou Chicken today.

I wanted to write about this topic specifically because I fully support respecting chickens.

The best way I can think of to respect them is by eating them. I’m not sure if that’s what the United Poultry Concerns had in mind when they thought up this crazy day, but it’s sure how I feel. Just the thought of chickens makes me hungry. It’s something like eating the heart of a warrior that you have bested in the battlefield. We respect the chickens because we absorb their strength.

I would also like to point everyone to this article, by Andrew Malcolm, about IRCD. In it, Malcolm notes the events that will be taking place throughout the country on IRCD. He says, “…[at these events], unthinking people will take innocent plants ripped from their native home in the soil and brutally grind them with their teeth.” One can truly feel for these plants as we decide whether to get wings, drumsticks, breasts or thighs.

(via LA Times)