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Who Wouldn’t Want a Meat Card?


A friend of mine recently enlightened me to the existence of Meat Cards. According to their website, “THESE business cards have two ingredients:

If those aren’t two of the world’s essential elements (air, water, meat, lasers) I don’t know what are.

The beauty, as far as I can see, is that whether you get these from a good or bad business, you can always eat them after memorizing the essentials. Also, as they are made from jerky, they’re sure to last a long time. There are few things better than edible business equipment.

Really, the only possible problem I see with these cards is if people choose not to eat them at some point. After all, if we don’t eat our meat, we are no better than the vegans.

I can think of few things better than a slab of jerky with the letters of lasered onto it.