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Meat Hall of Fame

Just when I thought hall of fames were becoming a tired concept (there’s a Robot Hall of Fame?!), I discovered the Meat Industry Hall of Fame. At first, I hoped this might be a place to showcase the best and most famous meats. Inductees could be the porterhouse steak or buffalo wings. But then I got scared. If this is anything like sports hall of fames, the meats would have to be retired and I would be stuck watching reruns of their greatest hits on Food Network Classic, rather than enjoying them on my plate. Fortunately for unvegans of the world, our favorite meats are safe. The Meat Industry Hall of Fame isn’t around to thank meats for feeding us, but to thank the people that help to bring those meats to our plates.

This year’s inaugural class includes heavy hitters like Jimmy Dean and Donald Tyson, as well as some lesser-known, but no less important meat propagators. In the words of Dan Murphy, a co-founder of the hall, “These are men and women credited with fostering much of the profound change, remarkable progress and substantive success of the industry.”

The induction ceremony will be October 27th and I’ll do my best to support these people by eating as much meat as possible before (and after) that day.

(via Michigan Farmer)