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Spicy AND Kosher?!
Spicy AND Kosher?!

When I first heard the name of Jeff’s Kosher Gourmet Sausage Factory, I was quite thrown off. It’s not often you hear the words Kosher and sausage in the same sentence. Usually the closest you get is Best’s Kosher Hot Dogs. Needless to say, it was with great excitement that I approached this Kosher sausage fairyland.

A quick look at the menu showed me a lot of dishes with vegetables, so I had a hard time deciding which one would be the best without the said veggies. Hoping to get a glowing sausage recommendation, I asked the guy at the counter what the best thing on the menu was, and he told me it was the hamburger. This was a little disappointing, as I knew the burger could have neither cheese nor bacon on it. It was also disappointing since he didn’t mention a sausage. So, in a rush, I chose their special of the day, the buffalo chicken sandwich. It came with lettuce, tomatoes and onions, so I asked for it without and also got fries and a drink.

It came just as I had ordered, perfectly Kosher, with no extra vegetables. The chicken patty was nice and crunchy and the buffalo sauce was pretty spicy. I wouldn’t have minded have used some cheese, but I could never expect such a thing from a Kosher Sausage Factory.