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A Relaxing Lunch at the Ocean View Cafe

Not really a pizza...
Not really a pizza…

Tucked away in cozy little Manhattan Beach is a place called the Ocean View Cafe.

The location is great for a lazy afternoon lunch, and the breezes coming up from the ocean are a pleasure. But enough about the location, let’s get to the food.

A lot of the sandwiches offered great core ingredients, like smoked turkey and chicken pesto, but they were all tainted by one or another peripheral vegetable. The one sandwich that caught my eye and didn’t let go was the Herb Pizza Sandwich. It came with chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, tomatoes and fresh herbs. Two different kind of tomatoes?! This was madness, but I couldn’t pass up the other tasty-sounding ingredients.

Although neither a pizza nor a sandwich in the traditional sense, my sandwich came without the tomatoes. It was more of a pita wrap, which was fine by me. The pita was nice and moist and the ingredients melded together delightfully without any tomatoesque interruptions. The prices were good, too. Next time I’m in the mood for a good lunch sandwich, I could do much worse than the Ocean View Cafe.