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Notice the paperclip to demonstrate the size.

Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria sells pizza by the slice. But it’s not just any pizza by the slice. It’s Big Mama’s Slice and it is massive. Signs outside the place say that their slices are the size of three regular pizza slices. Unfortunately, the picture of the slice on the sign didn’t give give any scale and only showed the price, at $3.99. So for all I knew, as I ordered the slice, it could have been the size of three tiny pizza slices.

Fortunately for me, once my slice was all cooked up and handed to me in a giant slice-shaped box, I learned that this truly was one massive slice of pizza. For reference, check out that picture. Yeah, that’s a large paperclip in the top right corner. Yeah, it looks tiny. But size isn’t everything.

The pepperoni was only sporadically placed around the pizza, to the extent that I didn’t even get pepperoni in every bite. The dough and sauce weren’t very flavorful, and the cheese was somewhat rubbery. Clearly, ingredients weren’t the biggest priority here, but it wasn’t all bad. In the end, this was one massive slice of pizza at a pretty good price.