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Steak heaven.

Since there appears to be no Outback Steakhouse in LA (seriously LA?!), the last time I was in Palm Desert I managed to convince my grandparents to take me to Outback. Of course, I have had Outback in the past, but not since I’ve been writing my glorious meat blog. I’ve never had a bad experience at Outback and I hoped this one would be no different.

The place was set up just like any other Outback and although there was a short wait, we were seated soon and ready to order some beef. Of the delicious-sounding steaks, the Outback Special looked especially tasty. This special cut of steak, that I think is a sirloin, comes in 7 or 9 ounce cuts. It also comes with a choice of two sides. I went with the larger of the cuts and then decided to load up on carbs for my sides. I chose both the garlic mashed potatoes and the dressed baked potato. I’m sure this meal was an accurate reflection of the typical Australian diet.

Better late than never.

Soon enough, my food was ready. Although the mashed potatoes were absent at first, the waitress soon brought them out to join the rest of my meat and potatoes. The steak looked just as delicious as I remembered and I salivated as I cut it open. It was cooked to a perfect medium and was longing to be in my mouth. When I ate, it was just as I remembered. This cut isn’t nearly as tender as a filet, but sometimes it’s nice when a steak needs a couple bites before swallowing. I’m not saying it was chewy, but it was just as I wanted it to be. The seasoning on the steak was nice, but could’ve used a bit less salt. Nonetheless, this steak definitely hit the spot.

The sides were a pretty good complement to the steak although the skin of the baked potato added to the excessive sodium intake. I avoided the skin and tore apart the potato from the inside. The mashed potatoes were just as good as the baked potato, but without the need to deal with extra salt on the skin.

Although not a fancy place, Outback Steakhouse delivers a very reliable and modestly priced steak. The fancy steakhouses can be nice every once in a while, but places like Outback that stick to the meat-and-potatoes roots are always welcome for my meals.