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A Wholesome Breakfast at Palms Cafe

Looks good enough to eat.
Looks good enough to eat.

While visiting my grandparents in Rancho Mirage, they took me to a great little breakfast place called Palms Cafe in Palm Desert. Knowing my grandparents would never lead me astray, I was pretty excited.

We took a seat outside and perused the menu. As most cafes go, they had a pretty good collection of food, but I sought out my favorite breakfast food, the omelet. Since I don’t think I had ever seen turkey offered in an omelet before, I ordered one with turkey and cheese. I also got some bacon on the side.

It came out pretty quickly and was one of the most interesting omelets I’ve ever seen. It almost looked like a breakfast burrito aside from the yellowish color the eggs produced. Inside, it was still similar to a burrito, with the ingredients kind of tossed in instead of cooked into the egg. This was actually pretty nice and a unique way of making an omelet. The turkey was good, although a bit salty and in chunks, rather than slices, which was also a nice change.

The best part, though, was the bacon. It was thick-cut and really crispy. It was so thick, actually, that it didn’t curl up like bacon seems to do when it gets really crispy.

I would definitely recommend the Palms Cafe for anyone looking for a good breakfast in Palms Springs. It offers a nice twist on the norm, but delivers it pretty well.