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MMMMM cheeeese
MMMMM cheeeese

Bar Pintxo. How the hell do you pronounce this place? ┬áIt’s not an easy thing to do. If only the x moved back one letter to be before the t, things would be much easier. Alas, that is the restaurant I went to for some tapas.

Ordering at this tapas bar was kind of a double-edged sword for an unvegan. On one hand, I could take a look at all food available and decide what to order based on which tapas didn’t have vegetables. On the other hand, all the tapas were prepared ahead of time and I couldn’t order without the veggies.

Before, ordering, however, we had to get ourselves some libations. They had Stella Artois on tap for a pretty good price, but being at a tapas place, I ordered a sangria. This was also decently cheap. To start off, we ordered queso de Espana platter, which had some very good cheeses, including picon, idiazabal and manchego. It was slightly lacking in bread, but once we had used up all the bread resources, the waitress was happy to bring us more.

Then we started ordering the rest of our rounds. First we unvegan bar pintxo 2went with two of the best looking unvegan items on the menu. This was the chorizo with fried quail eggs and the dates wrapped in bacon with cabrales cheese. These were both quite a treat. The chorizo came in little pieces rather than in the sausage-like form I was expecting and the quail egg made it even more interesting. The bacon dates were heavenly and although I am not one of those people who advocates adding bacon to everything, sometimes it just finds itself in perfect harmony with other food.

unvegan bar pintxo 3We also ordered the huevos rellenos con vinagreta vasca. Since I hadn’t seen this dish at the bar yet, I ended up being pretty disappointed when it came out. Unfortunately the menu had made no mention that the eggs would be topped with some sort of peppers. I scraped these off pretty easily and was able to salvage at least a little good out of them.

.With that, we moved on from the tapas and ordered a couple main plates. First was unvegan bar pintxo 4the patatas bravas, which was a potato dish with salsa brava and roasted carlic aioli. This dish, although meatless, was really really good. It was so good, in fact, that even though I launched half of a potato covered with sauce onto my shirt and pants, I still had no hard feelings for the dish.

Finally, to finish the meal off, we ordered the tortilla Espanola. Although this came with carmelized onions, I unvegan bar pintxo 5didn’t order it without because my girlfriend wanted them. I figured I would just pick them out when it came. Unfortunately, when it arrived, I found this would be no easy task. Somehow the caramelized onions looked eerily similar to potatoes and I found myself mixing up the two on multiple occasions.

All in all, Bar Pintxo turned out to be a very good experience. It was a bit on the pricey side despite the little dishes all seeming cheap (very deceiving), but worth it for some pretty good tapas.