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Is this Pla Prik Pao?
Is this Pla Prik Pao?

Living in close proximity, I’ve ordered from Thai Boom tons of times. I’ve always found it to be a safe bet for Thai food. The best thing about their menu is that they serve their lunch specials all day. This covers a wide variety of food, but aldo includes rice and a fried wonton.

Feeling adventurous, I ordered the Pla Prik Pao, which is sauteed roasted curry with basil. For my meat I chose tofu. Just kidding, I got chicken. I picked up my food from the carry-out and brought it home for eating. When I opened it up, I was a little taken aback. If this was chicken with curry, it was the strangest chicken and curry I had ever seen. On top of that, there were peppers, which most certainly were not included with my dish. It almost distracted me from the fact that there was a tiny little salad in the corner. Almost.

I decided to give my meal a taste test. I took some of the “chicken” into my fork and bit in. Fish. It was totally fish. How the hell did I get fish? I checked the receipt, which turned out to just be written in Thai. The sauce actually happened to be really good but it was definitely not a curry. I brushed aside the peppers and was so hungry that I ate the fish anyway. For being something completely different than what I ordered, it wasn’t terrible, but man, all I wanted was some Pla Prik Pao with chicken.

As an aside, I’ve eaten food from Thai Boom many times without any issue, I was a little disappointed that the one time I decided to review it, they screwed up my order royally. This definitely won’t stop me from eating there in the future…