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Two for One at The Right Bank

Ewww orange veggies.
Ewww orange veggies.

For my last meal in Rancho Mirage, I headed to The Right Bank. Why it isn’t called the Left Bank boggles my mind, but at least it isn’t called the West Bank.

As I sat down and looked at the menu, I couldn’t get over how expensive the place was, but then my grandparents revealed to me that just about ever night they offer buy one get one free for entrees. This was a pretty good deal, so I didn’t feel so terrible about ordering something decent.

I decided to get the Almond Chicken , which was only said to be topped with cranberry relish, so I figured it was a safe bet. Every dish comes with carrot croquettes, some sort of veggie soup and salad. This was a bit disappointing, as none of these fit into my eating regiment. Nonetheless, I had a real meal to look forward to. When my meal came out, I was actually impressed by the looks of it, at least aside from the vegetable garnishings that would go untouched. The chicken was actually fully encrusted in almonds. I had never seen this with almond chicken before and it was pretty impressive looking. The almost added a nice crunch to the chicken, kind of like shake and bake but much fancier and crunchier.

In the end, my main course left me fully sated. It would have been nice if it had come with something other than vegetables, but I guess when everything is two for one, I can’t offer up too much of a complaint.