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Fully devoid of any vegetables.
Fully devoid of any vegetables.

Stuck in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport on a layover, I set out to find some good food to eat. This isn’t exactly an easy task, especially considering that I had a very limited amount of time to eat and had to resort to fast food. I found Charley’s Grilled Subs and decided to try it out. The had a grill where you could actually see what was being cooked, plus the prices weren’t out of control.

I quick glance at the menu revealed to me what I needed to eat, the Bacon 3 Cheese Steak, three of my favorite foods in one sandwich. They actually had a pretty efficient system set up, where the guy grilling asked you your order before you made it to the cashier, so it could be prepared ahead of time. I guess when you’re eating in an airport, you notice these things.

After my sandwich was prepared, I was offered a wide array of veggies, which I promptly rejected. In anticipation, I brought my veggie-free sandwich back to my gate and ate it. For airport food, I was pretty impressed. It was better than Quizno’s and surprisingly filling. Plus I had watched it get grilled right in front of me rather than getting boiled or prepared the night before. The only complaint I have was that there wasn’t enough meat on it to cover all the bread. A couple of the bites I took were missing substance. In the end, though, I was definitely full.