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Chicken + waffles = WTF?
Chicken + waffles = WTF?

In desperate need of brunch and a beer in San Francisco, I headed to Liverpool Lil’s, a nice little pub with that serves more than just your average pub food. A lot of their offerings looked pretty good, but the one that stood out most to me was one of their daily specials, Chicken and Waffles. I have always been intrigued by the concept of chicken and waffles. I feel like for most foods, you can’t really credit one specific person. In my mind, most were developed through the ages by a group of people, a village or a town. But chicken and waffles, on the other hand, had to be one lone genius who decided this bizarre mix would produce a beloved dish.

Regardless of how the dish was born, I was just happy with the knowledge of their existence and looked forward to trying it for myself. It arrived at my table with a glorious mix of gravy and syrup. The chicken was fried with a nice spicy kick and the huge buttermilk waffle did a great job of sucking down the virtual cornucopia of flavors. The dish was so huge that I was happy to share it with everyone at my table, and even then I had to struggle to eat the last few bites. I washed it down with my hefeweizen and took a few moments to reflect upon what I had just eaten. Not even in their wildest dreams could my ancestors have imagined that their descendant would some day eat such a meal.

For my first chicken and waffles, I was pretty impressed. It’s definitely a dish I’d like to get in the future, but I’d like to test out some different places to see the wide variety of chicken and waffles the world has to offer.