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Why would anyone want cucumbers?
Why would anyone want cucumbers?

Despite my not being the biggest fan of sushi, I found myself at Sushi Mashiko in Culver City one night to once again eat some raw fish. Sushi Mashiko was in a very nondescript location in a strip mall without any real sign. I only found it when I looked inside each store front and saw a small sign with the word “Sushi” on it. The place was supposed to be really great, so instead of ordering some sort of chicken or noodle dish, I decided I may as well test out their sushi.

After a long look at the menu sushi menu, I decided on two decent-looking rolls: softshell crab and tuna avocado. Since I would be the only one partaking in my personal sushi, I ordered mine uncut so I could turn the sushi into finger food.

Sipping on my Kirin beer, I patiently waited as my sushi took quite a while to be prepared. This was fine by me, as I don’t really want preparation of raw fish to be rushed. When my sushi did come, I was a little disappointed at first look. The presentation was nice, but there were tiny little cucumber strings jutting out from within my rolls. Since there was no mention of cucumber on the menu, I was a little disappointed. Especially because just under the tuna avocado roll there was a tuna cucumber roll. When I saw that my logic told me that each roll would only really come with what it said. Too bad. Lucky for me, my rolls were uncut and I could pull the cucumber out without destroying the infrastructure of the rolls.

Once the cucumber had been forcefully removed, I was free to enjoy my sushi. It turned out the sushi was pretty good. In fact, it was the best sushi I’ve had in a long time that wasn’t deep fried. If I’m ever in need of sushi again, I know Sushi Mashiko is a great bet, as long as they hold the cucumbers.