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A Delicious Departure at Zaza

A final taste.
A final taste.

On our way out of Orlando early in the morning, I was in need of something to get me through our flight. That’s when we happened upon Zaza in the airport. Well, in truth, it seemed to be the only place with decent coffee for my traveling companions. Nonetheless, as soon as I saw they had a Vaca con Queso sandwich I knew I had to make it mine.

It took an absurd amount of time to put together, but when it was ready I dug right in. This was somewhat of a mistake because of the onions that I had been unaware of, but with these removed I could get to work at really eating. Despite the onions, this sandwich was in no way a mistake. Inside the sandwich was Vaca Frita (fried, shredded beef), cheese and potato sticks (and of course no more onions) It was actually far better than I had expected from airport food, albeit nowhere near as delicious as the Vaca Frita I had eaten a couple days earlier at Havana’s Cuban Cuisine.

Again, considering this was an airport I was pretty impressed. The bread was pretty solid and damn Vaca Frita is delicious, so life was good and I had a full belly to take with me back to Pittsburgh.