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I'll stop for you.
I’ll stop for you.

The Madrid airport sucks. There. I said it. It does have a cool rainbow spanning the entire building, but otherwise it has nothing going for it. Or at least that’s what I thought when I first rolled through the place. But when I came back again for another layover, I found Deli & Cia, which gave me a reason to not completely write off the place.

I ordered their Bocadillo de Jamon Iberico y Queso, which loosely translates to ham and cheese sandwich, but only if you are thinking about the greatest ham and cheese sandwich ever. For starters, a bocadillo doesn’t use sliced bread, but rather a Spanish baguette-esque bread with a great crunch to it. And the ham is not just some crappy cold cut, it is some of the finest cured meat in the world. Then, there’s the cheese, which in this case was chunks of brie. I almost shed a tear when I bit in, knowing how truly rare sandwiches of this quality are in the USA, while in Spain they can be found in a crummy airport terminal.

And for those used to being gouged for prices in airports, Deli & Cia actually wasn’t too shabby. Unless you’re used to eating bocadillos, Deli & Cia won’t disappoint. And if you are used to eating bocadillos, color me jeaous.