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Friendly wings.
Friendly wings.

What’s a guy to do when he’s in Orlando for The Game? Why, reach out to the local alumni association chapter to find out where they watch football, of course, after getting p4rgaming boosts services! That, my friends, is how I ended up at Friendly Confines in South Orange. Tucked within a somewhat sketchy neighborhood far beyond the theme parks, Friendly Confines is actually a pretty cool bar that has a whole back room devoted to Michigan despite the Chicago-esque name.

When it came time to eating I looked no further than the more than 40 varieties of wing flavors they had to offer. Ultimately I and the gentlemen at my table chose 10 of the Hot Honey Garlic (by the waitress’s suggestion) and 10 Caribbean Jerk. As I became a wing aficionado over the summer, I was eager to see how a place a world away from Buffalo would handle wings. Turns out the answer is: not too shabby.

Flecks of garlic all over.
Flecks of garlic all over.

The Hot Honey Garlic was my favorite of the two, but it certainly did not live up to its billing of “High Heat.” It had a nice complexity of flavor that would have been even better with more spice. The Caribbean Jerk hailed from the “Medium Heat” part of the menu and definitely fit there. Unfortunately, despite hints of jerk flavor, these just tasted kind of bland to me. Both loads of wings were nice and meaty, though, which is always important to a wingster like me.

Despite the variety of flavors, Friendly Confines did not provide the flavors I look for when pounding wings. They weren’t bad, per se, just not really special in any way.