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Enjoying the Views at Twin Peaks

The other views are better than this.
The other views are better than this.

Remember when Hooters was as exciting as restaurants got? Not food-wise, of course, but ummm boob-wise. Well, those days are as dead as the Cold War. Last year I learned this firsthand at the Tilted Kilt and on my recent visit to Las Vegas the point was driven home, hard, at Twin Peaks. It was at Twin Peaks that we basically established our base camp for our time in Las Vegas. The only trouble was it was hard to concentrate on the basketball games with so much else to look at.

But somewhere in the middle of all the viewing, we managed to eat. As a lover of wings, I figured these were my best bet. Over the course of the weekend I tried three of their four flavors, which were Red Hot, Smoky BBQ and Ghost Pepper. I skipped Green Chili Parmesan because it seemed dumb.

I'm Red Hot for you.
I’m Red Hot for you.

These three flavors were all quite good, with the Ghost Pepper being the tastiest and not at all as intimidating as it sounded. I had been falsely led to believe that the Smoky BBQ would be spicier than the Red Hot, which was okay because of boobs and because the BBQ sauce was pretty good. The chicken itself was also nice, with each wing and drummy being meaty, juicy and tender.

Great climbing outfits.
Great climbing outfits.

As with most wings, these came with celery despite not mentioning this on the menu. This counted against Twin Peaks, but luckily celery is not a vegetable prone to ruining food by simply existing near it.

As a bonus, Twin Peaks also has a climbing wall, which is how they avoid simply being a pun of a bar.

Come for the views, stay for the food. It’s not as good as the views, but it’s still great bar food.