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Behold the fairy man.
Behold the fairy man.

There is a certain awesome feeling that comes with flying thousands of miles and arriving in a place with the food comforts of home. Such is The Waterfront of Cape Town. The place has just about every type of food imaginable, and on our first day we made our way to Ferrymans for a drink and a bite.

Very descriptive naming.
Very descriptive naming.

The menu was reminiscent of bar food back in my native United States and I opted for a little something called Rib and Wing. This consisted of two wings, two ribs and a basket of fries. Perhaps most interestingly (aside from the lack of pluralization), the wings were topped with some sort of sauce called peri peri. I quickly learned that this meant spicy and would prove a useful thing to know for the duration of my trip.

The result of this interesting mix of bar food was pretty good. I was a fan of the peri peri flavoring, which is kind of a sweet spice and the ribs were pretty good too. Neither were anything truly special, but bar food rarely is and I was certainly happy with what I got.