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Tasty? Yes.
Tasty? Yes.

As New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, I expect every meal I eat there to give me a heart attack when I see the bill. When this is not the case, I am overjoyed. With those thoughts running through my head, I found myself at Landmarc in TriBeCa for dinner with a bunch of friends. The majority of the menu intrigued me, but seemed a tad pricey. That’s when I saw the Landmarc Hamburger.

The menu was pretty skimpy on details, but one detail struck me: $3 to add cheese. This, compounded on the previously semi-reasonable $16 for the base burger seemed nuts, but I had to do it and went with smoked mozzarella to avoid being like my friend that went with cheddar. I also had to ask what came on the burger in addition to the fries and mixed greens that came on the side. The answer was a range of vegetables including pickles and onions that I quickly dismissed with the greens.

The result still contained those pesky vegetables, which I tossed to the side and two whole slices of cheese. That’s right, two! Obviously those three bucks had been well-spent. The burger itself left a bit to be desired. I definitely felt like I was eating an afterthought. It was certainly not a terrible burger, but I couldn’t fight the feeling that Shake Shack would have been a better choice.

So here’s the thing…I get that I might not have ordered the right thing on the menu. Everyone else really seemed to love their dinner. But here’s an idea: if you are adding a burger to your menu simply to have a burger on the menu, forget it. Just go with what you do well and stick with it. That way you don’t have to worry about burger lovers like me.