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Burger Basics at Burger Joint

So much cheesey goodness.
So much cheesey goodness.

Sometimes when you’re traveling you just have to eat in. When you do, you should hope you’re staying somewhere like Le Parker Meridien in Midtown New York. Because if you do, you’ll be lucky enough to have Burger Joint downstairs. Burger Joint isn’t just some typical hotel restaurant, it’s a no-frills spot with a small menu consisting of only burgers, fries, and a pickle with prices that are pretty typical for New York.

I ordered up a double cheeseburger with just cheese. It could have come with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayo, but I assumed if it was cooked to the right medium rare I wouldn’t need any condiments and I don’t need to give a reason for not having any of the veggies.

It turned out I was right and this was a solid burger. Each patty was pretty huge and smothered with cheese. Yet, while the patties were more reminiscent of fancier burger spots, the flavor was all greasy goodness that you’d expect more from a diner. Moreover, they were plenty juicy.

We were pretty lucky to have Burger Joint right downstairs, but I would have been happy even if I had to move my body to get there.