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In Japanese, the word “misaki” means a type of divine spirit. In Pittsburgh, however, it means pretty much the craziest buffet in the world. You see, the Misaki Sushi & Seafood Buffet in Bon Air would seem to be just a Japanese buffet, but it is so much more. For a mere $11.99, Misaki pretty much gives you the world on platter. Or, at least in troughs in the buffet area.

Because why wouldn't they have these?
Because why wouldn’t they have these?

I would go through an extensive list of what Misaki has to offer, but that could take years and you just don’t have time for that. Instead, I’ll just let you know what stood out. It starts with a Mongolian BBQ-esque hibachi grill with some limited items to make your own stir-fry. From there you can find a row of fish and sushi including a little something called the Pittsburgh Roll. Of course, I had to try this and although I couldn’t entirely figure out what was in it, I was disappointed fries weren’t involved. Something was spicy, but I don’t know what it was either and I could find nothing online describing a Pittsburgh Roll.

Just like down in Nawlins.
Just like down in Nawlins.

Yet, if I did want fries, they were available. As were chicken nuggets, onion rings, pizza and mac and cheese. Plus, I can’t forget about the Chinese food section, which had your expected black pepper beef, garlic broccoli and even crawfish! Yes you read that right. Perhaps it was fresh out of one of Pittsburgh’s three rivers.

As one might expect, the food wasn’t anything to write home about. But it is something to write on a blog about. There was simply too much to eat and nothing was really good. And somewhere along the line my body decided that it either disagreed with the combination of food or perhaps just one item because I found myself spending some of the rest of the evening with my porcelain friend. If you want my advice, just stick with a restaurant that specializes in one of the things Misaki has. You and your stomach will thank me later.