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La Vida Lopez

It's almost like Mexican.
It’s almost like Mexican.

On a short little day trip to Cleveland, we made our way to Cleveland Heights to grab some Mexican food at Lopez. Not surprisingly, this wasn’t traditional Mexican food, but rather than try to hide behind an auspice of authenticity, Lopez had some unique offerings that I was eager to try. The only trouble was that almost everything seemed to have some sort of vegetable inside.

Ultimately, I found something called the Bleu Rodeo, a burrito filled with spicy skirt steak, bleu cheese, sweet garlic spinach and gaucho sauce. I ordered mine without the spinach and then asked what a gaucho sauce might be. The waiter replied that this was their version of a steak sauce and I looked forward to what it might be.

When the meal arrived, something was frightfully wrong. I realized that the burrito came with jalapeno gouda grits, which was a pleasant surprise, but it was also coupled with a bright purple slaw. Even worse, though, was that the burrito was stuffed with some sort of leafy green vegetable. I assumed it was the spinach and brought it to the waiter’s attention. He said the cook may have swapped in arugula for the spinach when I ordered it without, which just might be the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. If I didn’t want spinach, what made them think I would want another horrible thing?

Ultimately it was sorted out and my steak dinner inside a tortilla arrived and was quite delicious. Not game-changing delicious, but still tasty. After all, how does one go wrong with steak and bleu cheese (well, aside from putting spinach/arugula with it)?