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A Little Tomago at Fuku Burger (RELOCATED)

It's pronounced "fookoo."
It’s pronounced “fookoo.”

EDIT: Fuku Burger made a move, hopefully it hasn’t changed for the worse.

Amidst the new Linq in Las Vegas is a little spot called Fuku Burger. While the Linq is new, Fuku Burger certainly is not. It started as a food truck in Vegas a few years ago, became a short-lived restaurant in Hollywood afterwards and then found this new permanent location within a cool new food court type of thing. The menu is nice and small and priced right, just like a food truck should be, even if it’s now brick and mortar.

Everything has a Japanese flair to it, and I picked the Tomago Burger. This means egg in Japanese, and it topped with furikake, teriyaki, wasabi mayo, crispy onion rings and that aforementioned egg. I ordered it medium-rare and gave them a cool nickname with my order, because apparently that’s their thing.

So much good in one bun.
So much good in one bun.

The burger came out looking pretty, and although the patty was cooked through instead of medium-rare, it was packed with enough flavor to make an attempt at compensating for it. The egg was nice and runny, the onion rings provided a nice crunch and the sauces enhanced it all.

This may not have been the best burger I’ve ever had, but it was unquestionably satisfying in the sea of high prices an excess that Vegas is. Plus, it wasn’t overly filling as to prevent me from having all the fun later that I needed.