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Uh what's that backdrop?
Uh what’s that backdrop?

One of the newer and incredibly popular places in Pasadena goes by the name of Lincoln. Why? Well it’s on Lincoln Avenue, duh. It has a pretty trendy menu that seems to be pretty flexible and very much caters to people who have special needs. Except, of course, if your special need is the fact that you are an unvegan.

You see, I ordered their Pastrami Reuben, which was made with gruyere, 1000 island and sauerkraut on rye. I ordered without the kraut, and didn’t even think about what came on the side. In fact, I wasn’t offered a choice, so I moved on.

Well, it turns out that every sandwich comes with a pile of leafy greens on the side. Some may call it a salad, but I call it utter disappointment. Nonetheless, the reuben not only looked great, but tasted great as well. It wasn’t overloaded with meat, which is obviously not the best, but it was undoubtedly well-balanced with flavor and a perfect crisp to the bread. The pastrami wasn’t amazing, but it got the job done and was definitely nothing to complain about. I reserved all those complaints for the salad instead.

Thus was Lincoln, a place that I will likely find myself back at because of my wife, but definitely not a spot built for unvegans.